ESGF Future Architecture Workshop

ESGF Future Architecture Meeting is a project meeting to review the existing system architecture, examine requirements for a future system and propose new solutions.

About this Event

It is now nearly ten years since the original ESGF system was designed. At that time the development was driven by the need to create a globally distributed archive for downloading CMIP data. Since that time, there have been a number of changes: ESGF has grown and diversified in the number of projects and disciplines it supports; the operational requirements are clearer for the ESGF to support an international federated archive of this size; many of the ESGF nodes now have other functions beyond CMIP and there has also been changing landscape of data repository and science needs. This meeting has been convened by the ESGF Executive Committee (ESGF-XC) with the purpose of re-assessing the requirements and developing a future architecture for the system.

Meeting Structure

The meeting will run over three days. Attendance is by invitation only and concentrates on ESGF key developers.

The programme for the meeting has been specified by Philip Kershaw (UKRI STFC, local host), Ghaleb Abdullah (LLNL) and Ben Evans (NCI) on behalf of the ESGF-XC. In addition to requirements analysis, technology survey and review high-level architecture the programme concentrates on the topical areas:

The meeting aims to agree on a roadmap for future architecture directions in ESGF. The meeting results will be presented and discussed at the upcoming ESGF Face-to-Face Conference in March 2020 in Toulouse.


This workshop is sponsored by IS-ENES3, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824084, and co-organised by the ESGF-XC and IS-ENES.

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