ESGF Technical Overview

This document gives an architectural overview of the technical components of The Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF). This may be a useful reference for understanding the relationship between components of an installation, as well as providing information about the purpose of each component and links to relevant documentation pages and installation guides.

For a more general description of the purpose and high-level structure of the federation, see ESGF Federation Design. For specific information on ESGF software packages documentaion sites and repositories, see ESGF Software.

ESGF Architecture Diagram


Information about the components from the diagram above, along with links to the documentation for each (including installation instructions where relevant).

ESGF Docker Managed Deployment

The ESGF Docker repository contains code and configuration for many key ESGF services. These are largely refactored and containerised versions of legacy ESGF components (e.g. components of the “index” and “data” nodes from the old playbook), though some are brand-new.

Installation of these components is done via a Helm chart or with Ansible.

Data Node Services
Index Node Services

Other components