Welcome to ESGF Software and Services

The Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) is a collaboration that develops, deploys and maintains software infrastructure for the management, dissemination, and analysis of model output and observational data. Below are the different data access interfaces and software tools. You can install and configure all the tools or a subset depending on your needs.

Search data

ESGF Software Stack: for the Node Administrator

ESGF Data and Index/Identity Node

ESGF Docker (beta)

User Interface (CoG) Frontend

ESGF data publisher

ESG publisher (esg-publisher)

For Data Preparation, our collaborators at IPSL provide the Pre-publication Tools for a number of ongoing ESGF data projects.

Data Analysis tools

Community Data Analysis Tools (CDAT)

Visual Community Data Analysis Tools (VCDAT)

ESGF Compute end-user API (esgf-compute-api)

ESGF Compute Node Web Processing Service (ECN WPS)

Misc software and documentation

CMIP6 administrators and publishers

PCMDI has produced the Data Node Managers guide for CMIP6 data specifically here: https://pcmdi.llnl.gov/CMIP6/Guide/dataManagers.html

ESGF bulk data download tools