ESGF Working Groups and Leads:

Working Groups Team Leads and Funding Agencies / Institution Description
1. User Interface and Search and Dashboard Working Team Luca Cinquini (NASA), Guillaume Levavasseur (IPSL), and Alessandra Nuzzo (CMCC) Improved ESGF search and data cart management and interface; ESGF search engine based on Solr5; discoverable search metadata; statistics related to ESGF user metrics
2. Compute Working Team Charles Doutriaux (DOE) and Daniel Duffy (NASA) Developing the capability to enable data analytics within ESGF
3. Identity Entitlement Access Working Team Philp Kershaw (CEDA) and Lukasz Lacinski (ANL) ESGF X.509 certificate-based authentication and improved interface
4. Installation Working Team and Software Security Working Team William Hill (DOE), George Rumney (NASA), and Prashanth Dwarakanath (LiU) Installation of the components of the ESGF software stack; security scans to identify vulnerabilities in the ESGF software
5. International Climate Network Working Group, Replication/Versioning, and Data Transfer Working Team Eli Dart (DOE/ESnet), Lukasz Lacinski (DOE), and Stephan Kindermann (DKRZ) Increase data transfer rates between the ESGF climate data centers; replication tool for moving data from one ESGF center to another; ESGF data transfer and enhancement of the web-based download
6. Node Manager Working Team and Tracking / Feedback Notification Working Team Sasha Ames (DOE) and (Tobias Weigel (DKRZ) Management of ESGF nodes and node communications
7. Publication, Quality Control, Metadata, and Provenance Capture Working Team Sasha Ames (DOE), Katharina Berger (DKRZ), and Bibi Raju (DOE) Capability to publish data sets for CMIP and other projects to ESGF; integration of external information into the ESGF portal
8. User Support and Documentation Working Team Matthew Harris (DOE), also includes representatives from the data centers (Tier 1), modeling centers (Tier 2), and the above working teams User frequently asked questions regarding ESGF-and housed data; document the use of the ESGF software stack