9th ESGF Face-to-Face Conference

The 9th ESGF Face-to-Face Conference, co-organized by DKRZ and Météo-France, will be held on March 23rd-25th 2020 at the “Centre International de Conférences” on Météo-France campus in Toulouse, France.

The workshop aims to bring together leading researchers and practitioners in the field of climate data research infrastructures. In addition to the presentation of the status and the CMIP6 integration, near term implementations and the future architecture of ESGF (Earth System Grid Federation) will be discussed and coordinated. Central part of the conference is the exchange between ESGF developers in the working teams and the infrastructure users.

Topics relevant to the workshop include, but are not limited to:

Details on agenda, abstract submission and conference registration are provided soon.

This workshop is co-organised by the EU H2020 IS-ENES3 project and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

ESGF participants are invited to attend the IS-ENES3 General Assembly, which will take place from Wednesday, March 25th to Friday, March 27th at the Centre International de Conférence, Toulouse.

Contact: Michael Lautenschlager, ESGF Executive Committee Chair (lautenschlager[at]dkrz.de).