2017 ESGF DOE Proposal Review

Agenda and Presentations

  1. Dean N. Williams: ESGF Overview
  2. Sasha Ames: Publication, Tracking and Feedback Notification (TFN), and Node Manager
  3. Luca Cinquini: CoG User Interface (UI), Metadata and Search
  4. Charles Doutriaux: Advanced Computational Environments and Data Analytics
  5. Denis Nadeau: Community Data Management System (CDSM) & Climate Model Output Rewriter
  6. Jason Boutte: Server-side Computing: Application Programming Interface (API)
  7. Zeshawn Shaheen: Diagnostics and Metrics
  8. William Hill and Luca Cinquini: Software Installation
  9. Soo Kyung Kim: Machine Learning
  10. Jim McEnerney: Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) Analytical Modeling (AM)
  11. Ji-Woo Lee: Scientific Contributions of ESGF to Research Communities
  12. Cameron Harr: Hardware & Network and Data Transfer
  13. Matthew Harris: User Support and Documentation