ESGF Release Version 1.4 (Brighton Beach)

v1.4.0 (Brighton Beach)

Date: August 2012

  • Node Manager
    • Support for P2P Protocol over SSH
    • P2P Protocol improved convergence time
    • Included classes for reporting statistics on P2P protocol and search results
  • Search
    • Support for Aggregations:
      • New Solr core “aggregations” is installed
      • When harvesting THREDDS catalogs, aggregations at all levels are harvested and ingested into the new core
      • The search API was extended to allow query for object of type=Aggregation
    • RSS bug fix: remove default=NOW for timestamp field, which effectively made the RSS fields useless because the oldest datasets (with no date) showed up as the newest records
    • Support for super-nodes - nodes that maintain a local copy of remote shards
      • On each node, the traditional Solr slave instance now becomes also a master, so it can be replicated on demand by other servers
      • The installer supports installation of replica shards on demand
    • The search back-end is configured via a locally maintained file /esg/config/ which contains a list of all the facets used by the local Index Node
    • The maximum number of files limit per wget script is increased to 1000
    • Updated to Solr 3.6 release
  • Security
    • Implemented back-end federated attribute service that can query all attribute services in the federation to retrieve all attributes for a given user. Not exposed directly as web service, rather intended to be used as service layer by the web user interface.
    • Federation certs loaded on startup.
  • Web Front End
    • Improved data cart behavior, faster response
    • Lock widget prevents user from issuing simultaneous queries
    • Bug fixes
  • wget script (see ESGF wget for more detailed info)
    • renew certificate automatically if it was retrieved by the script the first time
    • directory generation for downloaded files (download_structure and download_emptypath wget API modifications) wrong published checksum check
    • download file modification check (report if remote file was modified, i.e. checksum changed, if downloading latest it will report if there’s a new version available)
    • added “update” option (-u) to compare the wget script with the latest version of itself and redownload if different (preserving old one, that is). This enables the previous option of reporting changed files.
    • file list overflow check and report message to user (if files in the script are less than the ones returned by the query)
    • wget version check
  • Dashboard/Desktop(new)
    • data usage statistics management at node level (back-end).
    • statistics aggregator at federation level (back-end)
    • new Desktop interface (RSS feed viewer, management console, data usage statistics, Twitter and dashboard gadgets)
  • Other
    • Updated Thredds server to 4.2.10, which should greatly improved the internal memory management.
Release Instructions and Notes
  • The format of the file /esg/config/ has changed to support additional functionality. If you have a local version of that file, move it somewhere else prior to running the installer, so that a new version can be copied in place (which you can later customize).
  • The location of the Solr index data has changed to /esg/solr-index. The installer will automatically copy the old Solr indexes for master and slave into the new location.
  • Thredds Data Server
    • Because of a change in how the TDS application is being versioned, you must remove the current TDS installation for the installer to pick up the new version:
      • mv /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/thredds /tmp/.
    • Optionally, you can turn caching off in the file /esg/content/thredds/threddsConfig.xml - it’s not yet clear whether this will improve memory usage or not:
      • <Catalog><cache>false</cache></Catalog>
  • “Super-Node” configuration.
    • After updating to this release, an Index Node administrator has the option of creating a local replica of any other up-to-date Index Node, and configure the search services to query the local replica shard, as opposed to the remote shard. For example, to create and query a local replica of the JPL Index Node (which is up to date), using port 8985:
    • esg-node –add-replica-shard
    • esg-node –list-shards (should show the local master and slave shards, plus any additional replica shards)
    • esg-node –check-shards (lists the configured shards and tests the integrity of the configuration)
    • esg-node (re)start

Note that every replica shard will run in a separate Jetty container, on a dedicated port: 8985, 8986, 8987, etc… Also, when adding a replica the port value is optional. If one is not supplied the next ‘free’ port is used. However when deleting a replica shard run –list-shards first and specify the hostname and the port (hostname:port). Use; esg-node –list-shards, (view the shard you wish to remove) then, esg-node –remove-replica-shard <shard to remove hostname>:<port>

v1.4.2 (Brooklyn Heights)

Date: December 2012

  • esgf-installer: version 1.4.2 new node maintenance flags new sanity checking flags
  • esgf-node-manager: version 0.6.14 SSL P2P protocol support New registry entries for dashboard support.
  • esg-security: version 2.2.5
  • esgf-orp: version 2.3.0 Bug fix: Chrome users not able to register for CMIP5 membership because Chrome does not load insecure content (http) within a secure page (https). Solved by serving YUI libraries from Google CDN ( instead of YUI site ( since only the first allows connections via HTTPS.
  • esgf-idp: version 2.3.0 Big fix: fixed Chrome problem related to mixing secure and unsecure content (now all content loaded through https)
  • esg-search: version 3.6.0 Enhancement: provide top-level summary of dataset access points ( Bug fix: harvest geospatial and temporal information into top-level dataset (
  • esgf-web-fe: version 2.3.2 Bug fix: fixed problem affecting Chrome users trying to create an account, related to mix secure and un-secure content within the same page Bug fix: enforcing HTTPS for login page
  • esgf-dashboard: version 1.3.1
  • esgf-desktop: version 0.0.1