ESGF Node Current Release

v1.6.2-bushwick_myrtle-release (Bushwick/Myrtle, Brooklyn)

The embodiment of the node application stack is indeed the [installation script][esgf-script] ([downlad][esgf-download]). The script automates the installation process installing the node’s application stack in a predictable and uniform way. This allows for better maintenance and ease of upgrade. The script is written in bash and has a number of features. Though, one could install these components individually on one’s own. It is HIGHLY recommended to use the script for all installation and update needs. Learn more about the script, it’s flags and features [here][flags-featres].

The ESGF Node, as discussed on the [node][esgf-node] page, is an amalgam of software components that work in concert to perform the higher level tasks of the Node. The Node is a collection of components developed by the members of the [ESGF][esgf-home] open source effort as well as external tools and libraries that provide support for the ESGF Node feature set. A list of ESGF P2P Node functionality is posted [here][wiki-functions].

Installation Quick Notes

% esg-node --check u
% esg-node --install

The best and recommended way to install and setup the Node is to first visit the [installation page][rainbow-dist] and read the short preparation [how to][rainbow-howto] document and then download and run the [bootstrap script][rainbow-bootstrap] onto the target machine. The bootstrap script downloads the installation script that in-turn installs and configures all the ESGF Node components, culminating in a functioning Node instance that is able to scan, index, publish, share and monitor your data.

Features & Functionality

Feature   Installed    Tested  
data scan
drs support
token access
token-less access
http download
gridftp (end-user)
gridftp (bdm)
attribute service
identity provider
registration service
esgf shell
dashboard service
esgf desktop
index replication

Node Component Versions:

Project Version / Tag   Home Site
node-manager   v0.6.19 (db [1])
publisher v2.11.1
orp v2.3.8
security v2.4.0 (db [2])
search v3.7.8
idp v2.4.4
web-fe v2.4.10
dashboard v1.3.7 (db [5])
desktop v0.0.5

External Application Stack Versions

Application Version / Tag Home Site
ant v1.9.1
cdat v1.4.0
curl v7.20.1
git v1.8.4.3
postgres v8.4.7
java v1.7.0_21
thredds* v4.3.17
tomcat v7.0.47
myproxy* v5.0.4
globus* v5.0.4
gridftp server* v3.24
las v8.1
ferret v6.842 </table> ### External Libraries Versions
Library Version / Tag Home Site
mhash* v0.9.9.9
pam_pgsql* v0.7
bison v2.4
flex v2.5.35
gsoap v2.7.15
(* indicates that the installer fetches a copy of indicated file from the ESGF distribution server) --- ### Other Versions * [Development Road Map][road-map] * Previous [v1.5.0][other-version] (Brower Park) [esgf-release]: [esgf-script]: [esgf-download]: [flags-features]: [esgf-node]: [esgf-home]: [wiki-functions]: [rainbow-dist]: [rainbow-howto]: [rainbow-bootstrap]: [release-notes]: [road-map]: [other-version]: